Dynamic Duo Still Lead

(Maybe if I get them fighting over who is Batman and Who is Robin they'll lose focus)

Molino & Ferguson 27 (14/13) continue to impress for the 11th week in a row to lead by 27.   Last weeks 2nd Place Jacob & Matt Rubin struggle a bit in week 14 posting 20 (9/11) and drop to a 4 way tie for 3rd place.  Meanwhile eRak & KSWAG post 23 (12/11) which is enough to get them back in 2nd place but end up losing ground to Molino/Fergi-son.  Kyle & Bob Brett 29 (14/15)  have been making an impressive charge as of late BUT is it too late?  as they climb to a 3rd place tie with Rubins,  Chris D. Rakoczy & KSWAG 26 (14/12) and MomRak & Rak 25 (14/11).  

Let’s finish strong with only 3 weeks to go. Anything can happen…  Molino & Ferguson are bound to have a couple bad weeks… aren’t they?

High Score for the Week –  Bob & Kyle Brett 29(15/14)  

3 weeks to play… Stay focused, Stay together as Family Matters… Good Luck in week 15


#NAMEWK 1WK 2WK 3WK 4WK 5WK 6WK 7WK 8WK 9WK 10WK 11WK 12WK 13WK 14WK 15WK 16WK 17TOTALTeam Pick %
1Danny Molino & Will Ferguson27222521242627202221212328273340.578
2eRak & KSWAG22243018201119222023272424233070.531
3Jacob & Matt Rubin27241818231727192416251929203060.529
4MomRak & RAK25212421242220201820212124253060.529
5Bob & Kyle Brett23242317181925201921251924293060.529
6Chris D. Rakoczy & KSWAG20232420201621241922232622263060.529
7Kovach & Why is the Runn Gone?22222415242021222517261924213020.522
8LineBacher & RunningBach24192519202016202219232720263000.519
9Cadydid & FullBach 21232219222019222313212225242960.512
10Austin & Scott Tolley19252318161922181921202918282950.51
11Brombach & QuarterBach19212122182112262519212425202940.509
12Sister Rak & Chris D Rak24232016212121201715182319252830.49
13nextyearnole & Will Lloyd23202117241620191813261920222780.481

FAMILY MATTERS – 13 entries for the inaugural Family Matters pool which is better than I anticipated for its 1st time out the chute.  


 – Rak Madness Pick’em pool tends to bring on sibling rivalry and I have to say I might have something to do with it.  Well to tell you the truth I encourage it.  However, in this Pool, Family Matters so partner up and see if your (Team) will reign as Champion.  Entry Fee is $20 per 2 Man Team (Family or Friends) and the rules are rather simple.  


  • Total Score of your 2 entries each week cumulative throughout the season, week 1 thru 17
  • 1 person send $20 entry fee with the Name of your Teammate. 
  • Lowest TEAM score PRIOR to the final week of the season will be thrown out – You cannot throw out your final weeks score.
  • WINNER – Highest score at the end of Week 17 wins
  • Tie-breaker one with highest score beginning week 1 progressing through the season.

I hope to see families & close friends put the rivalry aside and see if your team will reign as Champ.  MomRak and I are in.. and I may even hedge my bet and enter another.   So what do you say… Brett’s, Schmitz, Rubin’s, Kovach, Rombachs, Trolleys, Molino/Ferguson – Zaversnik/Molino?  So are you up to battle RAK/MOMRAK to see who takes the Crown?