On a week were most struggled, Molino & Ferguson 26 (13/13) excelled extending their lead with another solid team effort. MomRak & RAK (me) post 22 (11/11) and hold onto 2nd Place, while there’s a 4 way tie for 3rd between Jacob & Matt R. 17 (9/8), Linebacher & Runningbach 20 (10/10), Kovach & Why is the Runn Gone? 20 (9/11) and Cadydid & Fullbach 20 (10/10)

Two weeks ago, I was talking about how KSWAG & eRAK posted a Family Matters record High score of 30, two weeks later they now have the record Low, 11 (5/6). An 11, although not very good, could work in their favor later in the year because you get to throw out your low score prior to the last week. Soooo if they can manage to stay around the top at the end of the season, droppng 11 could just be enough to launch them into the lead.

Plenty of time left – Good Luck in week 7


#NAMEWK 1WK 2WK 3WK 4WK 5WK 6WK 7WK 8WK 9WK 10WK 11WK 12WK 13WK 14WK 15WK 16WK 17TOTALTeam Pick %
1Danny Molino & Will Ferguson2722252124261450.575
2MomRak & RAK2521242124221370.544
3Jacob & Matt Rubin2724181823171270.504
4LineBacher & RunningBach2419251920201270.504
5Kovach & Why is the Runn Gone?2222241524201270.504
6Cadydid & FullBach 2123221922201270.504
7Sister Rak & Chris D Rak2423201621211250.496
8eRak & KSWAG2224301820111250.496
9Bob & Kyle Brett2324231718191240.492
10Chris D. Rakoczy & KSWAG2023242020161230.488
11Brombach & QuarterBach1921212218211220.484
12nextyearnole & Will Lloyd2320211724161210.48
13Austin & Scott Tolley1925231816191200.476

FAMILY MATTERS – 13 entries for the inaugural Family Matters pool which is better than I anticipated for its 1st time out the chute.  


 – Rak Madness Pick’em pool tends to bring on sibling rivalry and I have to say I might have something to do with it.  Well to tell you the truth I encourage it.  However, in this Pool, Family Matters so partner up and see if your (Team) will reign as Champion.  Entry Fee is $20 per 2 Man Team (Family or Friends) and the rules are rather simple.  


  • Total Score of your 2 entries each week cumulative throughout the season, week 1 thru 17
  • 1 person send $20 entry fee with the Name of your Teammate. 
  • Lowest TEAM score PRIOR to the final week of the season will be thrown out – You cannot throw out your final weeks score.
  • WINNER – Highest score at the end of Week 17 wins
  • Tie-breaker one with highest score beginning week 1 progressing through the season.

I hope to see families & close friends put the rivalry aside and see if your team will reign as Champ.  MomRak and I are in.. and I may even hedge my bet and enter another.   So what do you say… Brett’s, Schmitz, Rubin’s, Kovach, Rombachs, Trolleys, Molino/Ferguson – Zaversnik/Molino?  So are you up to battle RAK/MOMRAK to see who takes the Crown?