Weekly Pick'em Pool Rules

ENTRY FEE FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON (17 Weeks of FUN) is $78.00 The entry fee is broken down as follows: $4 x 17 weeks = $68.00, plus $3.00 goes to the 1st half winner, $3.00 goes to the 2nd half winner, $3.00 goes towards the Overall Winners Pot. The extra $1.00? Well that goes to help pay the maintenace to run Rak Madness on Go Daddy servers. I do not take any money out of the entry fees for my own personal use. 

Games – This pool is a combination of College and NFL football games. The entire NFL schedule (excluding Thursday night games with the exception of Thanksgiving) will be included and 2 but not more than 8 college games will be on the weekly ticket.  ALL College games will involve a spread, while ALL NFL games will be a straight pick unless they have a spread of 5.5 pts or Higher.  

The season starts with College games Saturday, September 7th followed by the NFL Schedule Sunday, September 8th & Monday the 9th   

NOTEThe NFL Season opener BEAR vs PACKERS  on Thursday, September 5th will not be on the schedule the first week.  All other NFL games will be included.

PAYMENT – You can pay in FULL at the beginning of the season which is recommended, however we do offer a payment plan.  You can send a half season installment of $40.00 that must be received by Friday September 14th. No PAY No PLAY.  If you chose to pay by ‘half season’ the remaining $40.00 is due at the halfway point of the NFL season, start of week 9.  

Plenty of ways to Pay 

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL  – There will be atleast 2 College Games, but not more than 8 each week. All College Games ill involve a spread 

NFL – All games will be a straight pick’em unless the spread is 5.5 pts or HIGHER  and those will include the spread and will be plainly labeled.   

SELECTIONS – Selections each week must be in by Saturday Morning 12:00 pm edt. with one exception. The week of Thanksgiving your selection must be in by 11:00 am edt. Thanksgiving morning, November 28th

WEEKLY WINNER the person with the most games picked correctly will be declared that week’s winner.

WEEKLY WINNER PAYOUT  – $3.00 per entry each week goes to the weekly winner. The other $1.00 per entry goes to the end of the year overall purse.

PERFECTION POT – No one has ever won the perfection pot, but in the event someone picks every game correct, he/she will receive a bonus, $1.00 per entry of that week’s pool. (The money that would normally go tot he Overall Purse)  This has never been done in Rak Madness history..

FIRST TIE-BREAKER closest to the total points (both teams combined score) of the Monday night game, regardless of being over or under the total points.

SECOND TIE-BREAKER – the one with most college games selected correctly.

THIRD TIE-BREAKERthe one with most NFL games selected correctly that involved the spread. 

FIRST HALF WINNER – after the first 8 weeks of the season the one with the highest total score. (Tie-breaker – one with highest score beginning week 1 progressive to week 8)

SECOND HALF WINNER – the highest total score for the weeks 9 through 17. The one with the highest total score between weeks 9 through 17 will be the winner.  (Tie-breaker – one with highest score beginning week 9 progressive to week 17)

OVERALL WINNERS – Your lowest score PRIOR to the last week of the season will be thrown out before awarding the Top 3 Finishers. (You CAN NOT throw out you final weeks score) Tie-breaker – one with highest score beginning week 1 progressing through the season.




FORGET TO DO YOUR PICKS ? If you forget to do your picks, your score will be ONE less than the lowest score for that week. For example,  Ricki Bobbie submitted his picks but had an off week and only got 6 right, while Shake N’Bake didn’t submit his picks at all.  Ricki Bobbie would get 6 for his score and Shake N’Bake would get 5.

DEFAULT SELECTIONS – In the event you forget to submit your picks and do not want to recieve one less than the lowest score for that week.  Just send me an email that I will keep on file and something to the affect, “Have someone outside of the pool that knows a little football do my picks for me, if I will I’ll even throw  them a bone”


Exception – Thanksgiving week the selections will be posted Monday and must be turned in by 11am edt Thanksgiving morning.

* Everyone’s picks will be posted on the web-site prior to the start of Sunday pro schedule. Thanksgiving week will be posted Thursday. *

GOT A QUESTION send me an email to rak@rakmadness.net

For entertainment purposes only, all monies collected are distributed as prizes