NAMEAnthemHeads/TailsCoin Toss1st CommercialScr 1st1st PUNTScr 1st TD1st PenaltyScr b4 HalfHalf-time LeadShakiraLopezRush 1002pt ConvDEF ScrSpecial ScrThrow for 300?MISS FG / XPTScr 30 Scr 2min 4 qtrCHAMP 5ptTotalTotal Pts
ANSWER KEYLess than 2 minTAILSSFNONESFKCSFKCNOTIEDNavel - Hips or WheneverNo Navel, On the Flr or Jenny BYESNONONONONOOnly KCOnly 1KC4751
1Bill LloydMore than 2 min22Auto2SF2SFYESSF2Navel -On The Floor2222Yes 122252945
2Robin E. Rakoczy22KCBeer Alcohol222SF2KC2Navel -On The Floor2YESYES2Yes 12NONE252752
3Connor ShellMore than 2 minHEADS2BeverageKCSFKC22SF2Navel -On The Floor2222Yes 122252754
4Harry SirorineMore than 2 minHEADS2FoodKCSFKC2YESKC2Navel -On The Floor2222Yes 1YES2252342
5Bob BrettMore than 2 min2KCBeer Alcohol22KC2YESKC2Navel -On The FloorNO222Yes 1YESNONE252347
6Sonnia RothgeryMore than 2 min2KCBeer Alcohol222SF2KC2Navel -On The FloorNOYESYES2Yes 12NONE252352
8Mike DeLucaMore than 2 minHEADS2AutoKCSFKC2YESKC2Navel -On The FloorNOYES22Yes 122252152
9Dale Schmitz More than 2 min2KCAutoKCSFKC22KC22NOYES22Yes 1YES2None52156
10ScottMore than 2 min2KCAutoKCSFKCSFYESKC22NOYES222YES2252157
11Zach Daniel222FoodKCSFKCSFYESSF2Navel -Jenny BNOYES22Yes 1YES2252159
12Richard Preuster2HEADSKCFoodKCSFKCSFYESKC2Navel -Jenny BNO222Yes 122252167
13Jimmy Rothgery More than 2 min22NONEKC2222SF2Navel -On The Floor2YES2YESYes 1YESNONE2SF2039
14Pam O22KCAutoKCSF2SF2TIEDNo Navel - Hips2NOYESYESYESYes 122None51942
15Shaun RubinMore than 2 minHEADSKCNONEKCSFKC22KC22NO222Yes 1YESBOTHNone51961
16Jim Patterson2HEADS2NONE2SF2SFYESSF2Navel -On The Floor2YESYESYESYes 1YESBOTH251966
17Austin TolleyMore than 2 minHEADS2Food222SFYESSF2Navel -On The Floor2YES22Yes 12BOTHNoneSF1875
18Sean Nolan2HEADSKCFoodKCSFKC2YESKC2Navel -Jenny BNOYES22BothYESNONE251750
19Alekna22KCBeer AlcoholKCSFKCSFYESKCNo Navel - HipsNavel -Jenny BNO2YES2Yes 1YES2None51551
20Brooke E. RakoczyMore than 2 minHEADSKCAuto222SF2TIEDNo Navel - WheneverNavel -On The FloorNOYES22Yes 12Only SFNoneSF1454