NFL Points Pool is $15.00 per entry. Submit one team who you believe will score the most points for that week. That team’s score is that person’s score for that week. Your points for each week will be accumulated throughout the season. PRIOR to the final week of the season your lowest weeks score will be thrown out. At the end of 17 weeks the person with the most points will be crowned the Champion.

Example: Sean Nolan’s selection for the 1st week: Denver Broncos. Denver (whether they win or lose does not matter) Scores 23 points. Sean has 23 points. Second week: Philadelphia  Eagles are his choice, and they score 17. Sean now has 40 points (Denver’s 23 plus Eagles 17). Sean cannot select the Broncos or the Eagles the rest of the season. At the end of the season, whoever has the highest amount of points accumulated wins first place.


I will keep track of everyone’s selections- It is your responsibility not to select the same team twice.

What happens if I select the same team twice? If you select a team that you have already chosen, you’ll just get the lowest teams score for that week. Example – You selected the Giants week one and then you selected them again in week 12, and the Browns were the lowest scoring team in week 12 with 3 pts, you would get 3 pts.

Remember – You get to drop your lowest score at the end of week 16.

Payment Options – 

Paying by Venmo – search or Rakmadness


Please use Personal account when paying with Paypal –

For those that are not so trusting in electronic commerce – feel free to spend the Forever Stamp and send to

Gregg Rakoczy  2679 NW 42nd St.  Boca Raton, FL 33434

Default selection – If you happen to forget your picks for the week, don’t worry, your score will be the lowest NFL score that week. It doesn’t matter whether you selected that team previously or not.

Selection Due – Selections must be submitted by 12:00 am edt the Saturday of that weeks game. The only exception will be Thanksgiving week. All selections for Thanksgiving week must be submitted by 12:00am edt Thanksgiving morning.

The Pay Out = Depends on the amount of the entries

< 15 entries or less the payout will be as follows

  • First Place – 70% of the pool
  • Second Place – 30 % of the pool

> 16 or more entries the payout will be as follows

  • First Place – 60% of the pool
  • Second Place – 25 % of the pool
  • Third Place – 15% of the pool

Tie Breaker – The winner will be the one who selected the team that posted the highest score beginning in week 17 going backwards. Example: Sean and Rak tie for First place with 358 points at the conclusion of week 17. However, Sean selected the Patriots that scored 28 points in week 17 while Rak selected the Bucs who only managed to score 17 points. Therefore, Sean would be awarded 1st place and Rak 2nd. The same rule would apply for 2nd and 3rd place finishers.