3 More Exit - 6 with 1 Strike & 1 with None

Another week another 3 exit, The Prez, Danny Molino, and  Sean Provin all banking on the Cowboys to- win on the road against the winless J-e-t-s Jets Jets Jets.  Collingsworth also had the Cowboys however he was fortunate as he had one strike to give.  Now we have only  Go Canes with no strikes and 6 others with 1. So bottom line we have 7 left – 6 with 1 stike, 2 with none, Go Canes. 

Bills at home against the winless Dolphins… I don’t think you need to look too far past that game in week 7.   

Remember from this point on it is your responsibilty to make your picks by SUNDAY 12:50 pm edt.  Even though I am the administrator of the sight I cannot sumbit or make any changes to the picks on your behalf.  So I highly advise you set a reminder in your phone  on a calendar to make your picks prior to the deadline


SURVIVOR POOLEntry Fee is $25  and  it’s simple to play.  Just pick one NFL team you think will win that week.  That’s any team on the NFL Schedule as long as you have not picked them before.  If the team you chose wins, you continue to the next week.  If the team you selected loses and its your first loss, you get one strike but you stay in the pool.  However, the next time you pick a team that loses and it’s your 2nd strike, well you’re out of the pool til next year.  There is ONLY one winner in this pool.   

YAHOO will once again host the Survivor Pool.  YAHOO not only keeps track of the teams you have already selected by only showing you those you have left, but it also provides intel displaying a percentage of who people are picking in other pools across the nation.

Group ID 9568       Password – 2019